We have one simple rule in our house. If you have a sock on each foot, you’re good to go! We don’t worry about pairs, if they match, or even if they are the same length! I have taken a stand against conforming with the matched sock society!
Now I wasn’t always like this. I used to be organized enough to match socks, or fold clothes right out of the dryer! But now my life, like many other mothers, has come to baskets of clothes (they’re clean so that counts for something right?), mismatched socks and evenings looking for library books that have disappeared into the abyss of paper and crafts, and daily paint centre paintings.
I used to go insane if my dishes came out of the wash with crusty things on it, if my towels weren’t folded into perfect squares and colour-coded, if my clothes weren’t folded and put into their respective drawers.  Now, if the crust can be picked off easily, if the towels smell good and are in the linen closet, and if my clean clothes can somehow be shoved into a space in my dresser, I’m happy.  The biggest thing in motherhood which I have learned, is that you just have to LET GO.  Priorities have changed, I make sure everyone is fed, is happy, is clean (which is a whole nother blog in itself!), and I’m good.

My kids will remember all the time I’ve spent with them, and the memories we’re making, not whether they wore matching socks, or if their laundry had wrinkles, or if everything was organized perfectly.

All of you struggling mothers, EMBRACE the mismatched socks and missing library books!