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As I was scurrying around the house making a mental list of things that need to get done before decorating for Christmas, I added touching up the baseboards. I sat looking at all of the scuffs and gouges, and started to smile. How can I paint them?
It would be like painting over the infamous “height wall”.
Anyone else walking into our house would see the endless scratches on our white baseboards, and the nicks out of door frames and kitchen cupboards. I see a masterpiece. I see years of physiotherapy, I see struggles and frustration, I see tears of sadness and joy.
Those marks were handcrafted by my boys and their walkers, as they “trained” for their greatest marathon.
How can you cover marks made with such labour?


So, in my intro I spoke of parenting special needs children. I should introduce them. I’m a little slow, and new to this blogging “thing”.
I am the mother of a brilliant, beautiful, independent, compassionate “typical” daughter. She is 7. She would give me grey hairs if I was genetically dispositioned to have them. She knows who she is and who she wants to be and I secretly love the fire that she brings to my life.
I also have twin sons. Born premature ( induced due to Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome) at 34 weeks, they were healthy but small weighing in at a frightening 5lbs 4oz, and 3,13.
They have rocked our world, and I’ve just recently gotten into this new role, life has brought me.
They are “special needs” kids. At about 2 and a half years they were diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia, essentially a Cerebral Palsy. This means they have a developmental disability, falling behind their peers by 2 years or more.
Our family dynamic is very different from other families, but maybe not? Or maybe our family was destined to be “that” family. I mean, a beautiful, charming daughter, then to have twins?!? It’s insane no matter how anyone looks at it! Is it a blessing that they weren’t mobile at an early age? I think any mom knows that the first few years are sleep deprived and foggy. So maybe I have been given a few years to get fit again and re-energize and NOW I’m ready to go!
The boys have been walking for a year, and now running! Albeit in opposite directions!
I’ll take my blessings as they come, in any form they come!

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