I distinctly remember the day we sat with the pediatric neurologist. The boys were around 7 months, the Doctor examined them head to toe, asked a LOT of questions, and sat quietly. He spoke in a very quiet voice and said ” I don’t know what to say.” He explained that he wasn’t sure of anything, he called them floppy babies, he basically said he wasn’t sure if they would ever sit, talk, walk or run. We sat numb. We agreed that in the future we would look at getting an MRI. The future MRI told us in fact it was damage and they would fall under the umbrella of Cerebral Palsy.
We never spoke it too each other, but vowed never said never.
When therapists asked us what our goals were, we asked what was next in developmental sequence? Walking was never NOT an option. When they asked us if we believed if they would walk, talk and run, we said “ABSOLUTELY! ”
Now that they’re RUNNING through our house I have bigger dreams. (Maybe another blog post?)
If we don’t dream for our kids, what will we look forward to? We know, and always have known, it will take soooooo much longer, but have every confidence they will do everything we dream for them!
If you believe it, you can achieve it.
We bring the boys back to that Doctor, not to prove him wrong, but to prove us right.
We may not have the easiest road to travel, but we’re in four wheel drive baby!

Quick milestone facts for the boys: rolled at 7 months, sat at 17 months, crawled at 22 months, stood independently at 4 (ish) years, and walked independently at 4 yrs and a half…
They have an interesting vocabulary, consisting of about 50 words, say random phrases, and can learn a tune very quickly!