As we go through life we morph into who we are meant to be.
We are the child our parents want us to be, we are the rebellious teen who are parents DON’T want us to be, we are the geek, the popular girl, we are academic, sporty. For the first 20 odd years we try to figure out who we are.
Add a few more events and challenges, and some of us end up as mothers.
Then, suddenly the person who you thought you were is once again challenged!
Becoming a mother creates this vortex of insecurities and worries, and changes how we act within our world, because now we’re not existing just for ourselves, but for our families.
I believe all my mommy friends will agree that we have those moments where we sit and scratch our heads and wonder what happened to the person we thought we knew, and wonder how we can be a new version of our old selves.
I think the important piece to consider is how to give ourselves the time to BE ourselves. To remember to do things for ourselves, things we enjoy, things to pamper ourselves. To BE our new mommy selves, we have to accept and LOVE our new lives and the huge responsibilities we carry, but also maintain enough of our OWN selves – be it old or new. To be happy with it all, we have to start with ourselves.
So ladies, book an appointment for a new hairstyle, call an old friend, find a new hobby (blogging is fun!), but remember to find the balance of old and new, just for YOU.
How are you balancing YOU?