It’s so easy to get caught up in life and forget the simplest things. Stop and take a moment…
Every morning when I wait for the bus, I hope that it comes during a quiet moment. I live on a “Main Street” and there is always traffic. I used to panic about holding people up as I loaded my 3 children onto the bus safely.
My boys, in case you’re new to the blog, have Cerebral Palsy and a developmental disability. They learned to walk a little over a year ago (they’ll be 6 next week), and they were granted bus privilege 3 months ago. Of course, living in Canada, means they have a daily workout to climb onto the bus in all I their snow gear!! As easy as it would be for me to carry them onto the bus, it’s important for them to maintain their independence and make effort with this task.
This process usually only takes a few minutes but some days we have dozens of cars backed up either way.
One day I started to give a wave in every direction, as a simple thanks (I discovered recently that my husband does the same thing!)
My purpose for this is to hope that those people who may be grumbling about their ride to work being delayed, will give a small smile, knowing that I appreciate their patience. I wish I could stand at the end of my driveway with a sign “If you only knew what a great accomplishment this is, it would melt your heart.”
By living with gratitude for the small things, life feels lighter.
I think the more people and things we are grateful for, the more people feel appreciated, even for the small things, like waiting for a family waiting to get on the school bus…