Facebook holds value to me, because it makes me feel like my life is normal (or completely ABNORMAL- depending how you want to look at it!) a friend commented on how posts (like mine last night about telling my daughter “I don’t have time to cuddle because I’m making cookies!”) make her feel like her life is just as “normal” as mine.
We hold these ideals in our head, as to what a mom should look like. My “Mom Ideal” stands in a perfectly clean kitchen, overlooking a perfectly manicured lawn. She wears her hair perfect and dresses in a nice frock, with a perfectly altered apron that matches the decor of the house. She has dinner ready when her children are hungry, and her children are polite and well mannered and sit patiently at the table for their dinner.
REAL iSTIC Mom looks a little different. There may, or may not be dirty dishes in the sink, there is definitely clean dishes in the rack that no one wants to put away! If I look outside I would probably see a snack cup or empty juice box, and wonder who I can send out to go get it. I likely have jogging pants on, with a shirt that I’m not worried if it gets stained, and my hair is probably thrown up in a messy bun to avoid getting hair in the food. The kids are probably hanging off my pant legs, whining about not being able to have a candy, or cookie, or something ridiculously sweet to spoil their appetites. Someone is probably playing in the dog food bowl, and certainly no one is using their manners. By the time dinner is ready, everyone is distracted by the TV and it takes me a whole lot of effort to get them to the table, usually a good scream, or storming to the TV to turn it off manually, because no one knows where the remote is.
Someone will complain about the dinner, someone will slide under the table, and one of my little creature will eat everyone else’s plates!
I’ve learned that life is the way it is, I throw my ideals out the window, and pour myself A BIG GLASS of WINE!