My poor husband wonders when I ever quit… I join committees and councils and Boards, on top of working, and being a mom, and trying to be a good wife.
It’s literally in my blood. I have always known the importance of volunteerism, my grandparents were always heavily involved in the Finnish and church communities, my parents, likewise.
Lately, my involvements have been centred and focused around how to build positive and great communities for my kids. How can I make sure that their paths are wonderful?
I joined the parent council (or PTA) at the school when my oldest started school, I joined the Family advisory council shortly after my twins were diagnosed with a disability. My passion is to ensure that my voice and my family’s voice is heard and we are a contributing piece to how our life unfolds.
Today brought this great sense of community into fruition.
I joined my children’s school in a beautiful ribbon cutting ceremony in celebration of the hard work that over 200 members of our school community put blood, sweat and tears into. A complete playground makeover, including gardens, old equipment, new equipment, sod and rock! What amazing feeling to witness such an amazing transformation amongst so many people with the same vision: a beautiful, safe place for our children!
Then later in the day, I sat in a room with a group of strong, powerful women. We women have one strong connection, we have children with special needs. We all walk different paths, but the same in the sense that our children pose unique challenges and diagnoses.
We wanted to create an event where we moms could network and chat and enjoy a few hours from our “lives.” I am pretty sure that it turned out to be a success!
My life has been so blessed with these communities of people.
If I could pass on any words of advice to anyone, build your communities, keep your eyes open and keep yourself involved!
Your life is what you make it. Make it the best it can be!