The other day I posted about the judgement parents face, and how sometimes it would be easier if people just showed compassion.  You (and I) have NO IDEA what Joe Schmoe is going through next door.

Today, I read this article (See it here) about what it’s like to have a child with a speech delay.  I can totally relate! My boys would be considered clinically “non verbal.” They are 8, have approximately 100 solid words which they use mostly in isolation, not in phrases, and not generalized across situations yet.  They understand A LOT! They can “pick up that garbage, and go put it in the can” and ” go get your shoes and coat”.  

Children with expressive language issues often exhibit behaviours which are challenging because they get frustrated with their inability to tell us what is going on.  My boys, with seemingly no warning, get very frustrated and will start banging their heads (off the floor, off a wall, off the counter) or screaming and in full tantrum.  

Now to give you some extra insight, I work in the field of language disorders as a Communicative Disorders Assistant, and my husband as a Developmental Support Worker, so we kinda “get” the Special Needs bit.   So it would be pretty fair to tell you that we don’t even have the superpowers to predict the level of frustration and stop the behaviour before it starts.  

I can also share with you that this is probably the most painful and frustrating thing you can experience as a parent.  Seeing your child fall off of a bicycle, or split their lip has got nothing on what appears to be your child choosing to injure themselves.  Now why kids with language delays, and disabilities do this, I can’t tell you.  I would have to do the research, but I’ll admit that I’m afraid to.

Now, I’ll also admit that I don’t know where I’m going with this.  Except that it fit with my previous post.  I have bigger things to worry about than doing those tasks which hold me to a “good mother” standard.  But if you knew all of the little battles I (and so many other mothers and fathers out there) deal with, you would prioritize things differently too.