So Once again, it’s February (I know I’m cutting it close in the last hours). Inclusion awareness month.

Every year I revisit our family’s definition of inclusion.

It’s such a heavy and confusing term.

It’s quite simple though. We want our kids to go to school happy, come home happy, and have meaningful opportunities and experiences in between.

I don’t need my children to fit a mould. I don’t need them to sit through lessons because that’s what their class is doing, we need to know that our children’s strengths and interests are being encouraged and their other skills developed at opportune times throughout their days.

I love that although my boys are infamous, when they misbehave, they’re still getting time outs or reflection. I love that the boys are welcomed to learn with the SK/1 class for math, because that’s where they are at. I love that a whole new group of students is learning about differences in abilities and understanding that Drew and Dean have some pretty awesome qualities alongside their deficits.

I love that people not directly involved are learning signs in order to communicate with my boys. i love that students are finding signs to teach them new vocabulary.

Inclusion doesn’t mean you have to like my kids “just because.” Inclusion means accepting them and showing them that they have a place alongside you because you recognize that they belong and have value in your community. Inclusion is showing empathy and kindness.

Inclusion is finding your place in the world and being accepted there…