Today’s I was reminded how important the little things are…

Most of you know that my husband, Jeff, and I are the parents to 3 beautiful children. Our daughter, 13, and our twin sons, 11. If that isn’t enough, the boys have Developmental disability which throws in a whole mixed bag of challenges.

As a couple who has been together for 19 years, married for almost 15, with 3 kids, jobs, activities, etc, it is challenging to keep it together.

Today reminded me how the little moments count.

Jeff was working his shift (8-4), I had had a busy day of appointments, and had finally gotten all the kids home and realized I needed to go to the grocery store. The beauty of having a 13 year old, incredibly responsible and reliable daughter, is that you can pop out without hauling everyone with you! I ran to the store to pick up needed things for supper. In the meantime, Jeff has texted “hi!” Jokingly, I let him know that I left the kids home to run to store “wanna come on a shopping date? Lol” as I’m cruising around the store many minutes later I get a reply “sure. Lol”

I can tell you I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw my hubby walking towards me in the store.

We walked around picked up supper supplies, decided to get a plant, cashed out and walked to the parking lot. All in a matter of 15 minutes.

Can I tell you how nice that 15 minutes was?!? To just walk beside my husband, enjoy a stolen moment away from the kids…. we had time to just breathe before the chaos and neediness (although we love it) of the kids hit us.

Steal the moments, have the dates. Even if it’s at the grocery store to buy pasta and plants.