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I have the great opportunity to spend time at my kids’ school on Fridays when I’m a Hot Lunch Mom, interpret that any way semantically you want, because they are ALL applicable (lol).
I love meeting classmates, and friends and speaking to teachers and getting a feel for everyday climate in the school. I love when the students rush us and say you’re “so-and-so’s” Mom!! It’s very cute.
I love hearing stories of the boy’s antics, and how much they are loved. I love hearing my daughter’s classmates say “remember when…” Discussing their last play date or sleepover.
I had a conversation with someone recently about how I am involved in so much, and have a lot on my hands. I simply stated that I would rather be involved, than sit idly by.
I wouldn’t trade anything for being tired, and schedule strapped, because I am fully involved with my children. I am making sure that I know their school, their friends, and the communities they are involved in.
Having kids with disability, I’ve decided that I have no right to criticize service or knowledge, if I don’t partake in the planning and process. Although, I think I would probably be this way regardless of disability or not! It all started actually when my daughter started school!
My boys, due to them being non-verbal, can’t tell me about their friends, and what happens during their day. My daughter can come home and describe every detail, if she desires. But with the boys I need to see, to understand.
I can’t easily “get out” with the 3 kids, so this is my alternative, go to them! It may seem like a sad social life, but I’ll take it! Besides, the school makes it pretty easy! Fabulous teachers, who are proving to be fabulous friends as well, and other FABULOUS “HOT” lunch moms!
This isn’t the life that I expected, but I’m making do, and rolling with the punches.



Imagine your child coming home, full of excitement, waving a Student of the Month certificate! Telling you how, in front of the school, out of their ENTIRE class, THEY were chosen as the Student of the Month! For reasons that no other student held, the teacher thought THEY possessed the qualities of that honourary title.
The difference between that experience and mine is that I live it without words. I open up my child’s backpack and find the certificate. I can only guess as to why he received it. I piece together information from my daughter and what I know about my son and the teacher.
We often take for granted, as parents that our children can talk. Some days, I wish my daughter would stop! But the fact is, when your child can’t tell you his basic wants or needs, it’s heartbreaking.
The boys are going to be 6 next week, and they have some key words in their arsenal. In total they probably have 50 words each. Along with their regular “Mumma up” “eat” “deenk”(drink) they have a handful of signs like hungry, all done and stop. We work very hard at improving their communication, and we completely whole-heartedly believe that the boys will be effective communicators, but the path to get there is stressful.
I wonder everyday what is going on in their heads. Do they have any clue?
Then, simple things occur. (I always talk to them as if they are fabulous communicators.) I tell Dean to go get a brush, while I dress his brother. A brush! Most obscure, random item, and he goes trotting into the bathroom and brings one back!!! I nearly cried! HE HAS A CLUE!!
We might be living in a silent picture show some days, but I know those boys have the sound turned on.

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